Imagine your hands are electrical sockets and I am constantly aware that I am 70% water.



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  1. the most important gif of all time

    the most important gif of all time

  2. The world is a scary place.

  3. My morning, every morning.

    My morning, every morning.

  7. Still the best movie line

  8. Imagine your hands are electrical sockets and I am constantly aware that I am 70% water

  12. Top 5 Albums That Got Me Through a Breakup

    The Good Life, Album of The Year


    This one is a pretty standard wild card. There’s a lot of despondence accompanied by anger and bitterness. Album of the Year is a perfect depiction of a good relationship turned sour or boring. 

    Top Tracks: Inmates, Album of the Year, You’re No Fool

    Weezer, Pinkerton


    Not really a breakup album but more of the unrequited love album. Or being left for someone else before it really even starts. Ah, the exquisite pain of pining over the unattainable.

    Top Tracks: The Good Life, El Scorcho, Falling for You

    Death Cab for Cutie, Transatlanticism


    This album came out when I was in 8th grade and starting to get into the whole “relationship” thing. This album is full of resounding nostalgia and wince-worthy remembrance of the awkwardness of a high school romance.

    Top Tracks: Tiny Vessels, We Looked Like Giants, The Sound of Settling

    Elliott Smith, Either/Or


    The paramount. For a breakup so bad I stay in bed all day and only get up to readjust the tonearm to replay. Beautifully depressing. Loneliness is underrated.

    Top Tracks: Say Yes, Between the Bars, Rose Parade

    Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks


    There’s really nothing I could write to describe the poetic genius of Dylan and how he is perfectly relatable. Chances are if you’re even reading this blog you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Top Tracks: Meet Me in the Morning, Simple Twist of Fate, Tangled Up in Blue

  15. life is a mountain climb

    life is a mountain climb